X-Wing Fighter Pilot Costumes

The X-Wing Fighter pilot is one of the characters who appears repeatedly throughout the Star Wars movies. They are featured whenever there is a large space battle, and even in a smaller, but still important part. And the suit is not only worn by the legions of X-Wing pilots, but also one of the main characters, Luke Skywalker himself.

The Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot costume for Halloween features an orange jumpsuit with silver and white trim. It also comes with the X-wing fighter pilot helmet. This Halloween you can make a grand appearance in an a-typical Star Wars costume. People who are fans of Star Wars episodes IV, V and VI will really appreciate this Halloween costume.

One of their biggest appearances comes in Star Wars, also known as Episode IV: A New Hope. Anyone who has seen Star Wars remembers the fight against the Death Star, with X-Wings flying in and out of the trench attempting to bring down Darth Vader and his evil battle station. If not for their help, Luke Skywalker would never had brought down the evil empire. Gold Leader, Red Leader and even Red Two, Wedge himself, fought bravely alongside of their Jedi friend.

In Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back we see Luke take off in his flight suit and X-Wing to visit with Yoda on the planet Dagobah, escaping the ice planet Hoth. Who can forget the scene in which Luke finally raises his X-Wing from the swamps. Although the X-Wing and in turn the pilot suit has a smaller part in this movie, it is still very important in the history of the fight between good and evil.

In the final movie of the original trilogy, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, the X-Wing and it’s pilots once again attack the evil empire and their giant Death Star battle station. Again, with the help of the Millennium Falcon, the gallant pilots help bring down the Empire and their ultimate weapon. The X-Wing and the men who wore the flight suit are certainly an iconic part of the Star Wars galaxy, and now you can fit right in with our X-Wing Fighter Pilot costumes.

You too can fly one of the most memorable star ships in the whole series with our X-Wing Fighter Pilot costumes. Okay, so you can’t really fly an X-Wing, but you can certainly look the part. Whether you are attacking the death star or simply chasing down your own meeting with Yoda, our Star Wars costumes can make you feel like the real thing. Everyone will identify the bright orange jump suit and the distinctive flight helmet. The jump suit includes all of the details that our officially licensed Star Wars costumes need to have the Force on your side this Halloween. The helmet even has the yellow tinted visor, so you can feel like you’re on your own trench run, gunning for the main reactor. Whether you are simply a leader, one of the fighters, or Luke Skywalker himself, your X-Wing Fighter pilot flight suit Halloween costume is sure to be a hit at the party this year! It is available in two sizes for men.

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