Pet Star Wars Costumes

You can guarantee that if you are a Star Wars fan, your dog will be by your side to share your enthusiasm. That goes for whether you are sitting together on the couch watching your favorite Star Wars Episodes or walking through the neighborhood on October 31st dressed in coordinating Star Wars costumes. A pet Star Wars costume will turn your best friend into a trusted Jedi.

Your dog is always eager to please and lives for your approval and leadership. With some encouragement and a few treats your dog will quickly take to wearing a pet costume. The premiere Star Wars pet costume is Yoda. It is a two piece ensemble that features a headpiece and a costume. If your dog is not accustomed to wearing costumes, you can start by introducing him to the body portion and leave the headpiece for later. The costume features Yoda’s brown pants and shirt with a tan robe, all in an attached, one-piece costume that fits over your pet’s front legs and across his back. The funny thing about the costume, and many pet costumes, is that it gives the illusion that they are standing by adding fake arms at the shoulder. Once you dog is content with the first part of his costume, you can introduce the headpiece. Usually, headpieces stay on with a chin strap. If your pet finds this uncomfortable, you may be able to attach it to the back of its collar and still get the same effect.

Any type of dog can wear the Yoda Star Wars Pet costume but some breeds look the part more than others. Chihuahuas and pugs come to mind the most – also, dogs with very big ears like a papillon. But really, any dog can wear a Star Wars pet costume. Its not a matter of looking exactly like the character as much as it is participating in Halloween with its owner by its side.

Dogs in costume are always the main attraction in the neighborhood. Parents love to see their kids in costumes but kids get a real kick out of seeing pets in Halloween costumes. You and your pet will get a lot of attention in your coordinating Star Wars attire. Both men and women can wear a costume that pairs ideally with your pet’s Star Wars costume. Though it doesn’t really matter if your pet is male of female. They will look adorable in any Star Wars character outfit.

Dogs are not only your best friend but in many cases they are your babies. Treat them like you would a child and they will love you unconditionally. Plus, if loving you unconditionally means wearing Halloween costumes each year then they are happy to do it. A dog’s love and companionship is just the type of positive Force we all love to have with us.

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