Jawa Costumes

Star Wars costumes are terrific choices to wear on Halloween. There are tons of memorable, unique characters that appeal to both kids and kids at heart. One of the most distinctive characters is the Jawa. We have Jawa costumes for boys as well as men.

Jawas were first featured in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. They appear near the beginning of the film, when R2-D2 is wandering around the desert planet of Tatooine. While traveling through a seemingly deserted canyon, the lone droid is ambushed by these mysterious creatures and taken captive. The film then reveals that these tiny, robed creatures travel across the desert in a massive vehicle known as a Sandcrawler. The Jawas make their living by scavenging the wastelands and salvaging any technology they find. Later, they sell this technology back to the moisture farmers of Tatooine. Indeed, this is precisely what happens later in the film, as it shown that they have captured not only R2-D2 but C3-P0 as well. The Sandcrawler then pulls up to the Lars’ moisture farm, where the Jawas unload their assortment of droids for Luke and his Uncle Owen to browse for purchase. The Jawas have installed restraining bolts on all of the droids, which administer a painful jolt whenever the droids try to escape. The Jawas in Episode 4 meet an unfortunate end at the hands of Imperial Stormtroopers in an off-screen encounter in which their Sandcrawler is destroyed. Jawas are generally portrayed as being mischievous, playful creatures that are viewed as something of an annoyance by other characters in the film. They are also shown to use nonlethal weapons that are only effective against machines and droids.

The Jawas are small creatures with glowing red eyes. The Jawa costume for Halloween features a hooded brown robe with glowing eyes and a belt. These Jawa costumes are some of the most popular Star Wars costumes available. They’re the perfect option for younger children, since Jawas were shown in the Star Wars films as being very short. Jawas were also portrayed as having rather high-pitched voices and running around in a very frantic manner, again making them a perfect costume choice for a young child. The first thing that most Star Wars fans will notice about this costume is the attention to detail that has gone into designing this costume. The Jawa’s traditional brown robes are complemented with a shoulder belt. Finally, the pair of red glowing eyes give the wearer an incredibly mysterious appearance. This is just enough to make the Halloween costume exciting without making it too scary for younger kids. The only thing necessary to complete this costume is a pair of black shoes.

Jawas are also featured in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. They appear towards the end of the film as mechanics during the pod racing segment of the film. In these scenes, viewers are able to get an appreciation for the Jawas’ mechanical aptitude, as they are able to fix machinery that most other characters in the film had been struggling with. The Jawa is an interesting character and makes a unique choice for a Star Wars Halloween costume.

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