Imperial Guard Costumes

In the Star Wars galaxy, out of all the well-known characters, the Imperial Guard is the least known. But out of all the Star Wars costumes out there, Imperial Guard costumes are the most recognized. We have Imperial Guard costumes for men.

Also known as the Emperor’s Royal Guard, this elite unit of the Galactic Empire is given the task of protecting Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor was seldom seen without this detachment of guards by his side. The Imperial Guard costume features a crimson helmet and robes which could be seen throughout many scenes in which Emperor Palpatine appeared. The Imperial Guard was an independent unit of the Imperial Military and only answered directly to the Emperor.

When he first became Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Palpatine replaced the Senate Guards with his own Royal Guards. The first Royal guards were chosen from the ranks of the Senate Guard and were in charge of protecting Palpatine during the Clone Wars. After the Clone Wars, when Palpatine became Emperor after abolishing the Republic, they were the first members of the Emperor’s Royal Guard.

In the years after the Galactic Empire was formed, members of the Imperial Guard were recruited from the ranks of the Imperial Royal Guard Academy which was based on the barren planet Yinchorr. Candidates for this duty were chosen from various units throughout all of the Imperial Army and underwent rigorous training which was designed to build loyalty to the Emperor. At Halloween, having a group of you friends all wearing Star Wars Imperial Guard Halloween costumes together would make quite an impact. You can create your own army and begin your training on Halloween night.

This yearlong training required recruits to spar against each other constantly to perfect their skills in combat. Recruits to the Imperial Guard were trained to handle force pikes, vibro-swords and heavy blaster pistols. They were also trained in different forms of unarmed combat, such as Echani, as well.

During this rigorous training, they had to work alone, or in pairs at times. This taught them how to rely on themselves or their teammate to achieve victory. Failure in training was often met with certain death. For their final test, those that survived their training were required to fight each other to death in an arena before the Emperor himself. Only the handful that survived this test of loyalty and skill were chosen to be Imperial Guards.

The Imperial Guard Halloween costume is a great way to stand out at your next Halloween party or Star Wars convention. The crimson red robe and helmet will certainly stand out in a sea of Stormtroopers. Not only would this costume be great to wear alone, but it would be amazing to wear with friends wearing other Star Wars costumes as well. Just imagine showing up to a party with someone as Emperor Palpatine and a few friends dressed in Imperial Guard costumes. It’s sure to turn some heads.

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