Darth Maul Costumes

Darth Maul Halloween costumes, out of all the possible Star Wars costumes, are among the most sought after, and with good reason. The scope of what is embodied by Darth Maul costumes is second to none in the lore of Star Wars.

The visage of Darth Maul is red with prominent black designs etched onto his face, and a pattern of horns covering the top of his head. The red skin and horns mark Darth Maul as a Zabrak. The tattoos also mark him as part of that culture, though their origin are very different from how such facial tattoos are normally obtained by Zabraks. Usually, the tattoos are given as part of a coming-of-age ceremony and indicate family ties, or personality. The ones you will wear upon your face, though, were hammered into the flesh by Darth Sidious. The horribly painful and terrifyingly cruel training Darth Maul was subjected to is what will grace the facial features of your costume.

Darth Maul’s face, though, is not the only striking part of his persona. His clothing, too, exudes confidence, dominance, and hatred. Unlike many other Sith Lords, who choose to wear highly personalized and ornately decorated outfits to intimidate their friends and foes alike, Darth Maul chose a very simple utilitarian Sith Robe. Reminiscent of a real life Judo ghi, the outfit you will wear is modeled – within the cannon of Star Wars – on the Jedi Order’s preferred method of dress. Darth Maul wears it for the same reasons as the Jedi, too. Unlike other Sith Lords, he truly believes what he is doing is for the best. For him, the Way of the Sith is the most efficient path one can take to bring if not peace then at least some semblance of order to the galaxy. As such, Sith Lord Darth Maul is virtually an ascetic, owning little other than what is needed for him to complete the missions his Master sends him on. Even so, even his imposing clothing is not the most iconic part of Darth Maul.

The double bladed light saber is the piece which is most impressive. Built by Darth Maul himself, the design is based on plans found within one of the last few Sith holocrons left in the galaxy. Ancient in its origins, the double bladed weapon is familiar to Darth Maul as a similar shaped weapon is commonly used by his race on their home world. The weapon was built to carry out one of his first assignments given by his long-time kidnapper/jailor/mentor/master Darth Sidious. Darth Maul was sent to murder an extremely powerful Jedi by the name of Siolo’urmanka. Manka was easily able to beat the newly trained Sith Lord. Darth Maul should have killed himself, or presented himself to his master to be killed, having failed. Instead, and in keeping with his system of belief that he was in fact doing a very good thing for the galaxy, he did not. He created his dual light saber – something unseen in the galaxy for thousands of years – so that he would be able to trick Siolo’urmanka and kill him. This light saber of legend will be what bring the entire look together.
You have done very well indeed in choosing your Darth Maul Halloween costume, my young apprentice.

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