Commander Cody Costumes

Star Wars costumes have been a favorite, classic Halloween costume for over thirty years, and they are still with kids and adults alike. For those die-hard fans, though, being just another face in a sea of Darth Vaders and Stormtroopers may not quite cut it any more. What better way to be unique than to go as a clone? This Commander Cody costume is just the choice for boys and men who want to be leaders.

“Born” in 32 BBY, Commander Cody first appeared in the Rise Of the Empire Era. He began life as CC-2224, just another clone of the bounty hunter, Jango Fett. During his training years the Kaminoans, who ran the cloning facility, slated him for officer training with the intention of making him a commanding officer in the Grand Army of the Republic. Despite being designed for obedience, he showed a natural spark for independent thought, which caught the eyes of the Kaminoans early in his life. It is believed that this is why he, and other clones, were selected for officer training.

As a result of natural variances in clones, CC-2224 proved to be an exceptional soldier and commander and was assigned to lead the 7th Sky Corps, where he was pleased to find that he would be working with Jedi General Obi-Won Kenobi during the Clone Wars. Just months into the Clone Wars he was given additional training in the new Alpha-17 program. This experimental training program was designed to foster independent thought within the enrolled clones.

As a direct result of this training, CC-2224 took the name “Cody” and began personalizing his uniform with custom additions to improve his armor and weapons. These included a unique orange paint job, over-sized shoulder-pads comm antennas, a jet pack, a tool in his right shoulder pocket, and helmet visor. Our Commander Cody Halloween costumes have many of these features graphically added to the jumpsuit.

Only a handful of the hundred clones put through the Alpha-17 training were chosen to join the elite new Squad Seven. Cody was chosen not only to join, but lead the squad along with another clone dubbed “Odd Ball”. In this capacity, Cody fought in, and was often crucial in many important battles of the Clone War. He developed a close working relationship with both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker during this period.

Despite his natural independent streak, and his friendship with Kenobi, Cody was still a clone, and as such, obeyed Order 66 without question, and quickly turned on the Jedi general with deadly efficiency. His training proved almost too much for Obi-Wan, as Cody was justifiably suspicious of whether or not he had truly killed the jedi.

After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Cody was folded into the newly formed Stormtrooper Corps. The Clone Wars were costly and the Empire quickly began recruiting humans to fill the ranks. Cody was disdainful of these non-clone soldiers, and pined for the efficient professionalism of his clone brethren for the rest of his career.

This costume is made from 100% polyester for durability, and includes inner legs snaps for easy dressing. It comes in one standard size, suitable for toddler boys from 2T to 4T. Star Wars costumes are a hit wherever your young-ling goes, but a Commander Cody costume will make it clear that your toddler is strong in the Force of Star Wars.

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