Chewbacca Costumes

Chewbacca is a well known Wookiee in Star Wars. He’s a loyal ally to Han Solo and has helped the Rebels fight against the evil Empire in the Galactic civil war as seen in the Star Wars movies. Even though Chewbacca doesn’t speak any form of English, Han Solo and he have been best friends and first mates for so long; Han is able to understand him. The fact that Chewbacca doesn’t speak English doesn’t deter any of his fans that he has gathered over the span of time the Star Wars movies have been out. Wookiees are strong, biped humanoid creatures that are covered in a thick coat of hair. Their homeworld is covered with great trees and Wookiees have retractable claws that they use mainly to climb trees. They are tall, agile and nimble humanoids. They have proven to be excellent marksmen due to their superior hand-eye coordination. It is no wonder why people have come up with Chewbacca costumes. Because of Chewbacca, Wookiees have gained more recognition among humans, even inspiring some humans to dress up as a Wookiee for Halloween.

Chewbacca, or Chewie as he is called sometimes, first became Han Solo’s first mate and ally when Han Solo refused an order to kill Chewbacca. Han Solo was a captain on an Imperial starship back then and after the incident, he was dismissed and turned into a mercenary. Chewbacca joined Han Solo because he owed him his life and became first mate to Solo and his Millennium Falcon. Wookiees take life debt very seriously, it is a sacred concept to them. When Han Solo saved Chewbacca’s life, it is no wonder that Chewbacca became indebted to Solo through some form of spiritual, mystical connection between the two of them. The whole story behind Chewbacca and Han Solo’s past wasn’t developed in the movies but in novels instead, such as “The Hutt Gambit.”

When Star Wars first came out, it was very popular among millions of people and it continues to be a very popular franchise to this day. Every Halloween, hundreds of people, children and adults alike, dress up with Star Wars costumes.

We offer Chewbacca costumes for adults; these are special, Collectors edition costumes. If your desire is to go as a well known Star Wars character for Halloween, consider this Chewbacca the Wookiee costume. Wookiees are excellent marksmen and very useful in combat. They also have superior strength compared to humans. According to Han Solo, Wookiees have been known to pull humans’ arms out of their sockets when angered. Despite the Wookiees’ strength, they can be quite gentle creatures and even affectionate.

For Halloween costumes this year, choose Star Wars as your theme, especially if you are throwing a costume party. Attend a costume party, wearing a Chewbacca costume, you will be sure to be in the center of attention!

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