Boba Fett Costumes

Some of the best Halloween costumes are Star Wars costumes. Besides the well-known characters in the Star Wars universe, there are many lesser-known characters that are just as well-loved to those of us who are well-versed in Star Wars lore. Each of these characters has a unique look and personality that sets him apart from the rest. Some of our most fearless and merciless Star Wars costumes are the Boba Fett costumes. Boba Fett costumes are available in both child and adult sizes.

Boba Fett is a villain with an insatiable appetite for mystery and danger. A cold-blooded mercenary, he was contracted by Darth Vader himself in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back to hunt down the Millennium Falcon and its occupants. In this episode he is second only to the great Darth Vader when it comes to the ruthless pursuit of the heroes and the callous desire for their capture.

After Fett’s unrelenting pursuit of the Falcon enabled Darth Vader to capture it and subject Captain Han Solo to heinous torture, Fett began to worry that the captain wouldn’t survive and he would thus be unable to collect Jabba the Hutt’s bounty on Solo’s head. Boba Fett is famous for his confrontation of Darth Vader about Solo’s fate and Vader’s consequent decision to avoid argument with the fierce bounty hunter. Darth Vader has only ever avoided confrontation and its terrible consequences with one other character in the Star Wars universe – the mighty Emperor Palpatine.

Boba Fett meets his untimely end in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi in the mouth of the giant Sarlacc worm. After successfully collecting the bounty on Solo’s head from Jabba the Hut, Fett is watching the execution when Han Solo’s escape accidentally turns Fett’s jet pack on, rocketing the insatiable bounty hunter into the mouth of an even more insatiable creature.

The Boba Fett Halloween costumes we offer may be complemented with the fateful jet pack designed as an inflatable backpack with a remarkable resemblance to the original rocket contraption. The backpack can be strapped on to the back of any would-be Boba Fett and comes complete with two fully-fueled jet rockets, three fuel tanks, and cracked and peeling paint due to the many vigorous adventures of the vicious mercenary.

Other items in the costume include a collector’s helmet, wrapped in olive green with a thin slit for the eyes, a ragged cape to keep our villain warm during cold nights on distant planets, and a cobblestone olive green breastplate arrangement. The body of the costume is grey with orange highlights for knee and shoulder protective armor and two grey thigh pockets for storing candy and additional ammo. The wrist and waist utility belts come in a deep leathery brown and have plenty of space for all sorts of vile weapons, tools, and chocolates. The olive green breast and groin armor will keep you safe from errant laser blasts but may be vulnerable to light saber thrusts.

There are also deluxe editions of these costumes that feature extra padding and more lifelike accessories. The deluxe editions Boba Fett Halloween costumes come with more color and more realism as well as thicker and more wear-resistant materials. The deluxe helmet appears to be plucked right out of George Lucas’ costume drawer, and the waist and wrist utility belts have more room than ever for candy, chocolate bars, and potions of wicked intent.

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