ARF Trooper Costumes

Halloween is coming around again and with it the craze for the best, most original costumes. For interplanetary travelers, alien visitors, and earthlings alike, Star Wars Halloween costumes are some of the most fantastic Halloween options. Star Wars costumes tap into a rich folkloric and sci-fi history that is filled with unique heroes and villains adept in using the force to finagle candy out of cold calls.

Some of the most understated yet powerful and stealthy heroes are the Advanced Recon Force troopers. These guerrilla warriors specialize in spying on enemy forces and then taking them by surprise in fierce combat. Our ARF trooper costumes will take entire unassuming residential areas by surprise in your little hero’s Halloween quest for sweets. ARF trooper Halloween costumes only come in child sizes and are most suitable for use by boys.

ARF troopers are cloned warriors used by both Clone Commanders and Jedi Generals themselves for reconnaissance and stealth attack missions. They carry a variety of powerful weapons including blaster rifles, missile launchers, chain guns, and even thermal detonators. They also carry a wealth of surveillance equipment and wear lightweight armor that is able to camouflage into the environment in which they are deployed. ARF troopers are some of the fastest and most dexterous soldiers in the universe. Their stealth missions often involve exposure to unfriendly fire that takes a great deal of skill to escape.

First appearing in the Clone Wars, ARF troopers were cloned on the distant planet Kamino. Kamino is their primary home, and their allegiance is to the Galactic Republic. Before Anakin Skywalker and his accompanying apprentice landed on the planet Teth to find and free Jabba the Hutt’s errant son, Rotta, two ARF troopers were deployed to the surface of the planet to scout the terrain and relay useful information to Anakin and Ahsoka Tano.

ARF Troopers Halloween costumes will make you feel like you are involved in the attack on the city of Lessu and the storming of the planet Geonosis. In both of these grueling fights, ARF troopers were involved in the initial reconnaissance as well as the actual attacks, and they proved to be valuable and aggressive assets under the direction of Jedi General Mace Windu and Clone Marshal Commander Cody. A heroic force of ARF troopers gave their lives during the battle of the Temple of Eedit located on Devaron. After charging the temple and decimating all the enemy droids, an evil Nightbrother attacked them and, unfortunately, finished them off.

Our regular ARF trooper costumes consist of snow-camouflaged body armor in dappled white and grey with black joint sections. A waist utility belt is included for pocketing important reconnaissance tools as well as, of course, candy and snacks for the arduous demands of space travel and guerilla warfare. An ARF trooper helmet is included complete with a star visor, black eye slits, and a mouth and nose breathing apparatus.

The deluxe edition of this costume includes fuller and sturdier body armor and an ARF trooper helmet that is truer to the film representation. The utility belt is a better fit and there are adjustable shoulder pads included to make your little hero look more like the real thing. The materials featured in the deluxe edition are carefully designed to bring the lore and potency of the ARF trooper to life and amaze and fascinate your little warrior for many Halloweens to come.

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